happiest_chief_page2Themes and Key Words:
Human Interest, Biography
shoot Summer 2018
Greece, Netherlands, Norway
Running Time:
52′ | 75′
Films Transit International, Jan Röfekamp
Avra Georgiou


When Theresa Kachindamoto became chief of Malawi’s Dedza district in 2003, she was a college secretary happily married and mother of five sons. Arriving in her native district she was distressed to find local practices like sexual initiation rituals and arranged child marriages. When she accepted her new position Kachindamoto decided to dedicate herself to the fight for women’s rights and to improve the conditions of the 900.000 people living in 551 villages across Dedza. Kachindamoto strongly believes that education is the key for the future of her country. She therefore fights diligently against arranged child marriages and initiation rituals. Over time she became known as the ‘terminator’ of arranged marriages. Up to now she has dissolved more than 2,000 arranged marriages, while encouraging parents to send their girls back to school. Her mission is to guarantee every child the right to education, to eradicate sexual rituals, end arranged marriages and stop the spread of AIDS. Always upbeat and full of energy, Kachindamoto proclaims that “Only when I achieve this, will I be the Happiest Chief.”