Mideast Egypt Nefertiti

Themes and Key Words:
Arts, History, Current Affairs, Archeology, Egypt, Greece
Running Time:
3x 52′
Markell Productions
Thorkell Hardarson & Örn Marinó



Booty looks at the status of cultural treasures taken from their country of origin during colonial times. Voices demanding repatriation are getting stronger. Cultural activists demanding repatriation explain the necessity of guarding their cultural heritage in an accessible place in the home country. The turmoil in Iraq, Egypt, Libya and Syria has led to mayhem in the cultural heritage domain: looted museums and looted archeological sites. Today, to make money Islamic State has sold looting licenses to entrepreneurs and professional art thieves. Looting now takes place on an industrial scale. A solution is badly needed.

Written by C. Kitahara

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